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Voice - Alan Arkin

- "My dear, you deserve the services of a first-rate magician, but I'm afraid you'll have to be contented with a second-rate pickpocket"

Schmendric was the first friend the Unicorn made. He was working on Mommy Fortuna's 'Freak show'. He actually wasn't a very good magician when he first met the Unicorn, and made lots of mistakes wth his magic. For examples, the tree, and turning the Unicorn into a human girl...But what ever Schmendric lacked in magic skills, he made up for with his quick thinking and friendship, and eventually becomes a good magician in the end.


Unicorn: There has never been a spell on me before. There has never been a world in which I was not known.
Schmendric: Oh, I know exactly how you feel. It's a very rare person who is taken for what he truly is.

- "I wish I didn't! I wish to God I didn't care about anything but my magic! But I do! I do"

Unicorn (looks at a cage nearby): That one is real. That is the harpy Celaeno.
Schmendric: Yes. The old woman caught her by chance, asleep, just as she took you. Oh, she should never have meddled with a real harpy, or a real unicorn for that matter, because the truth melts her magic, always.

- "I'll turn your heart to grass and all you love into a sheep! I'll turn you into a bad poet with dreams! I'll set all your toenails growing inward! You mess with me"

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