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Mommy Fortuna
Voice - Angela Lansbury

Ruhk: I don't care how many damn spells you've got on her. Get rid of that harpy! I thinks about it all the time - what she's going to do to us! Get rid of her, Mommy!
"Fool, be still! No other witch in the world holds a harpy captive, and none ever will. I choose to keep her! I can turn her into wind if she escapes, or snow! Or into seven notes of music!"

Mommy Fortuna was a witch who was the owner of a kind of freak show, a show of monsters. But the thing was, none of the monsters were real, she just used her magic to make normal animals look like mystical ones to please the crowd. On her show, the only real mystical beasts, were the Unicorn, and the Harpy, which really hated Mommy Fortuna and eventually killed her. Schmendric worked for Mommy Fortuna before joining the Unicorn on her quest, and Ruhk, was her hunch-backed assistant.

Mommy Fortuna: (cackles and talks to the unicorn) The harpy's as real as you are, and just as immortal. And she was just as easy to capture, if you want to know.
Unicorn: Do not boast, old woman. Your death sits in that cage and she hears you...

- "Who are you for then? Do you think those fools knew you without any help from me? (laughs) No! I had to give you a horn they could see! These days it takes a cheap carnival trick to make folks recognize a real unicorn. But the Red Bull will know you when he sees you; so you are safer here. You should thank me for protecting you"

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