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Voice - Brother Theodore

- "I don't care how many damn spells you've got on her. Get rid of that harpy! I thinks about it all the time - what she's going to do to us!"

Ruhk was worked for Mommy Fortuna. He was a hunchback, but was very strong and it was only when Schmendric used the metal keys, was he able to knock him out.

Ruhk: The cage. You have taken my keys. Why, you thin thief. She'll string you on barbed wire to make a necklace for the harpy!
(Rukh starts walking back towards Mommy Fortuna's wagon)
Schmendric: Run! (He runs at Rukh and jumps him. They struggle on the ground. The unicorn goes around to the cages and opens the doors with her horn, freeing the animals inside.)

Schmendric: (Fighting with Ruhk) You pile of stones! I'll set all your toenails growing in when you mess with me!
(Ruhk comes on top and starts choking Schmendrick)
Ruhk: (Laughs) Some magician. You couldn't turn cream into cheese, you Schmendrick you!
(Schmendrick bashes the key ring into Rukh's head. Rukh lets go and falls off in a daze. The animals are free. Only the harpy remains as the unicorn faces her.)

Unicorn: Where is that other man?
Schmendric: Ruhk? Oh, don't worry about him. I asked him a riddle, and it always takes that lout all night to solve riddles.
Ruhk: Okay, Schmendric, I give up. Why is a raven like a writing desk?

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