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The Harpy

- "Set me free. We are sisters, you and I"
(to the Unicorn)

The Harpy was the only creature on Mommy Fortuna's freak show, apart from the Unicorn. She hated Mommy Fortuna with a great passion for capturing her while she slept, and vowed to kill her if she was ever let out of her cage. And Mommy Fortuna knew this...
When the Unicorn escapes, she uses her horn to free the Harpy too, who immedietly hunts down, and kills Mommy Fortuna, and her assistent Ruhk.

Harpy: Set me free. We are sisters, you and I.
(The unicorn touches her horn to the lock. The harpy breaks the cage with her wings and goes free. She lunges at the unicorn and misses. She circles around and lunges again - behind the unicorn, at Mommy Fortuna)
Mommy Fortuna: (Laughs) Not alone! You never could have freed yourselves alone! I held you! (She opens her arms as if to embrace the harpy's death lunge. She is struck down and the harpy settles down to feed on her body)
Schmendric: Run, run, you must run. Oh, god, run, run away from here, now!
Unicorn: No. Come with me. Come with me.
(We hear the harpy cawing and Rukh screaming for a short second. Schmendrick winces)
Unicorn: Don't look back, and don't run. You must never run from anything immortal, it attracts their attention.
(The harpy circles again but doesn't see the two walking away)

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