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Lady Amalthea
Voice - Mia Fallow

- "What is it, what is it that she is seeking in this strange place? She knew a moment ago, but she has forgotten."

The Lady Amalthea was really the Unicorn after she had been turned into a human girl by Schemndric. Even though she was a human she still had the unicorn star-shaped mark on her forehead, where her horn would usually be. Amalthea was a name made up by Schmendric when they (and Molly) went to stay at King Haggard's castle.They pretended that Amalthea was Schemendric's niece in order not to arouse suspicions at the castle while they searched for the Red Bull's lair. Prince Lír actually fell in love with Amalthea and gave his life to protect her when she was attacked by the Red Bull.
Amalthea was always in a sort of dream state and didn't talk to anyone unless spoken to. This was because becoming a human from an imortal, magical creature, was a big change for her, and the Unicorn actually started losing her memory...

- When she started to forget she was a unicorn...

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