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The Tree
Voice - Nellie Bellflower

- "Oh. Oh. Oh, I love you. I love you. Love love love love love love love love"
- "Oh, what have I done?" Schmendric

The tree was actually an accident on Schmendric's part. When Schmendric and the unicorn meet Captain Cully, they start to talk of Robin Hood, being out in the woods....and as a trick, Schmendric conjured up ghost-like figures of Robin Hood, Maid Marian and the Merry Men which pass through the camp.

Molly Grue: Look! Oh, look there!
(A tall figure dressed in green comes striding into the campsite, with an almost-as-tall maiden next to him)
Captain Cully: (Rushes to greet them) Sir, madam, I welcome you to my domain! My name is Captain Cully, of the greenwood! (He bows, and they pass right through him)
Molly Grue: Oh, Robin! And Marian!
(Other figures come walking through the campsite)
Cully's Men: Friar Tuck! That's Friar Tuck there! Will Scarlett...
Captain Cully: What is this? This is not happening! Robin Hood is a myth! We are the reality! ...Magic is magic, but the truth is us! Right?
Cully's Men: Robin! Mr. Hood, sir! Little John! Will! Wait for me! (They all run after them) Robin! Marian!
Molly Grue: Wait! Wait for me! Marian! (Also runs after them)
Schmendric: ( laughing is head off on the floor) It worked! It worked! I said "Magic, do as you will", and it worked!
Captain Cully: (Holds a knife at Schmendrick's neck) That was a dangerous diversion, Sir Sorcerer.

As you can see it didn't go down too well with Cully, and Schmendric is tied to a tree. When they leave Schmendric tries to use his magic to get himself untied and accidentally makes the tree come to life... luckily the unicorn saves him.


Tree: Always, always. Faithfulness beyond any man's deserving. I will keep the colour in your eyes when no other in the world remembers your name. (She mushes Schmendrick's face in her trunk) There is no immortality but a tree's love.
Schmendric: Oh, no, I'm engaged to a Douglas fir (Yells) Help, unicorn, where are you?!
(Lightning, the unicorn is illuminated and she begins walking toward the tree)
Tree: Ooh, galls and fireblight! She shall never have you, the hussy! We will perish together!"

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