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Captain Cully
Voice - Keenan Wynn
And his Crew

Jack Jingly
- "What is this? This is not happening! Robin Hood is a myth! We are the reality! ...Magic is magic, but the truth is us! Right? "

Captain Cully and his band of roaming outlaws were who Molly Grue hung around with until she met the Unicorn and Schmedric. There really isn't alot on Captain Cully and his crew, but a discription of him is that he was a 'fat, red-haired man, dressed in richer rags' (then his men)
The picture above it actually of Jack Jingly, one of Cully's crew who captured Schmendric in the first place.

Men in Cully's Crew:
Jack Jingly
Molly Grue
Willy Gentle (Minstrel)
The rest aren't given names....

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