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King Haggard
Voice - Christopher Lee

"You are losing my interest, and that is very dangerous"

King Haggard was an horrible old man, who set the Red Bull out to catch all the unicorns in the world, just for him. The Bull drove them all into the sea by Haggards castle, so he could look down on them everyday. He lived in his castle with his 'son', Prince Lír, and even though the Unicorn was disguised as Amalthea, he knew what she really was from the start.

-"Lir? He's none of mine. I picked him up on a doorstep where some peasant had left him. I was thinking that I had never been happy, and never had a son. It was pleasant at first, but it died quickly"

- (Shouts suddenly) "I know you! I almost knew you as soon as I saw you coming on the road, with your cook and your clown; since then, there is no movement of yours that has not betrayed you! A pace, a glance, a turn of the head, the flash of your throat as you breathe, even your way of standing perfectly still, they were all my spies! ...You made me wonder for a while. But your time is done.

(He looks out to sea, his voice fills with wonder) "The tide is turning, come and see, come here" (She obeys) "There..." (He points to the sea) "There they are. There they are! They are mine! They belong to me! The Red Bull gathered them for me one by one, and I bade him drive each one into the sea! Now, they live there. And every tide carries them within an easy step of the land, but they dare not come out of the water! They are afraid of the Red Bull. ...I like to watch them. They fill me with joy.
...The first time I felt it I thought I was going to die"

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