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The Skull
Voice - Rene Auberjonois

- "Oh, it's so nice to have someone to play with! Try me tomorrow; maybe I'll tell you tomorrow!"

The Skull was magic so it could talk. He told Schmendric and Molly how to get into the Red Bull's lair beneath the castle, in exchange for a bottle of 'wine'. But even though he had broken his promise to not tell anyone about how to get in, he was still loyal to King Haggard because he shouted for Haggard as soon as they start going through the clock...

Skull: That clock will never strike the right time. You just walk through it and the Red Bull is on the other side. Give me the wine.
Schmendric: Walk through a clock? What am I, a magician?
Skull: To meet the Red Bull, you have to walk through time. A clock isn't time, it's just numbers and springs. Pay it no mind, just walk right on through. About that wine now...
(Schmendrick gives it the empty bottle and it drinks it lustily. An alcoholic tinge lends itself to its cheeks when it's finished.)
Skull: Ah, that was the real stuff. That was WINE. You're more of a magician than I thought.
Schmendric: Let's go.
Molly: My lady, it's time. We're going to find the others now.
Skull: (Drops the flask and becomes very angry) Oh no. No you don't. Not that one. (An alarm goes off) Unicorn! Unicorn! Haggard! Haggard! Unicorn! Unicorn!

Scene: The Great Hall. Schmendrick, Molly, and Amalthea are standing before the skeleton, which is laughing like crazy
Schmendric: Shut up, you pretentious kneecap! How would you like a punch in the eye?
Skull: (Laughs) Come on. Ask me how to find the Red Bull. Even Prince Lir doesn't know the secret way, but I do (Laughs again)
Schmendric: So you do, eh? Answer the riddle, then. Tell us the way.
Skull: Say please
Schmendric: Please
Skull: No, No!
Molly: Why not? What kind of game is this?
Skull: (Giggles) Oh, it's so nice to have someone to play with! Try me tomorrow; maybe I'll tell you tomorrow! (Laughs again)

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