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Her eyes widened, and it seemed to Mollythat the Bullmoved in them, crossing the depths like a flaming fish, and vanishing. The girl began to touch her face timidly, recoiling from the feel of her own features. Her curled fingers brushed the mark on her forehead, and she closed her eyes and gave a thin, stabbing howl of loss and weariness and utter despair.
"What have you done to me?" she cried. "I will die here!" She tore at the smooth body, and blood followed her fingers. "I will die here! I will die!" Yet there was no fear in her face, though it ramped in her voice, in her hands and feet, in the white hair that fell down over her new body. Her face remained quiet and untroubled.
"Why did you not let the Bull kill me?" The white girl moaned. "Why did you not leave me to the harpy? That would have been kinder than closing me in this cage. My people are gone, and I will follow them soon, whatever shape you trap me in. But I would have chosen any other than this for my prison."

Molly: What have you done? What have you done?!"
Schmendric: What do you mean, what have I done? Only saved her from the Red Bull by magic, that's all I've done! By magic! By my own true magic! Doubtless you are wondering how I plan to return her to her proper shape. Wonder not. The power will come to me whenever I need it. And one day, one day it will come to me when I call! You were right! You were right."
Molly: I didn't know you meant to turn her into a human girl!"
Schmendric: The Red Bull came for a unicorn, so she had to become something else. The magic chose the shape, not I. I am a bearer! I am a dwelling! I am a messenger!"
Molly: You are an idiot! Do you hear me? You lost her! You trapped her in a human body! She'll go mad!"

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