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The Rules
In order to join this webring you must abide by the rules. Don't worry it's just a few quildlines, but they are there for obvious reasons. If you fail to comply to these rules, your site will either be removed from the list, or not be added to the list in the first place.

Your site must be in someway connected to the movie or novel The Last Unicorn, otherwise it defeats the whole purpose of joining this ring.
It must also not contain anything which in anyways might be offensive to other viewers, for example: hate sites, offensive language e.t.c.
You must provide a valid e-mail adress so I can contact you, in case of changes to the webring e.t.c. (NB. your e-mail will be kept totally secret and not be used for spaming e.t.c.)
Your website URL must be valid aswell. I don't like broken links and if you decide to delete your site, or go on hiatus, you must contact and tell me, otherwise it will be removed.
If you join this webring you must add one of the HTML fragments, (found in the *Codes* section) to your page so people passing by your site, can just as easily pass by it, and go on to other people's sites. You mustn't break the Webring, or you will be withdrawn.

That's all the rules. See, they're not so bad! I think you'd agree with me that they are easy to follow, but be warned, if you don't abide by the rules you will br punished!

*Punishment* dundun duuuunnnn
If I find that for some reason you are not complying to the rules, I will send you an e-mail to fix the problem. I should expect to recieve a reply from you in the following 2 to 3 weeks.
If you have broken the rules and not send me your actual e-mail address, meaning I don't receive a reply, you will be withdrawn from this ring. If I do receive a reply from you, but you don't fix the problem, again, you will be withdrawn.
If you repeatedly break the rules, your website will not be allowed to join the webring ever again. But them again who would go this far?!