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Voice - Paul Frees

-(Laughs) "Haggard, I would not be you for all the world! You have let your doom in by the front door, but it will not depart that way!"

Mabruk was King Haggard's magician before Molly Grue convinced him, that Schmendric would do a better job entertaining him. Mabruk was there for 'kicked out', and Schmendric became Haggard's new magician...

Schmendric: Oh, a magician, huh? What's his name?
Haggard: He is called Mabruk. He is known in his trade as 'the magician's magician'. I can see no reason at all to replace him with some vagrant, nameless, clownish -
Molly: I can. He doesn't, this marvellous Mabruk, doesn't make you happy.
Schmendric: Molly, be still.
Haggard: And how would you know?
Molly: Well, just look at you!

I think that Mabruk was the first to know what Amalthea was, for unlike Schmendric, Mabruk was a real powerful magician, and he also laughed at Haggard for "letting his doom in by the front door"...

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